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Leopard Print Shirt
Sikandar Ehsan

Excellent quality

Maximo Shirt
Paul Orr
Maximo Shirt

Perfect fit and fabric! I wore it for the first time on a very hot day…cool and breezy. And, as always, the compliments were amazing. More shirts, please!


Nice shades. Very stylish. Amazing Quality!

Obsidian Polo Shirt
deann capasso
sexiest shirt i ever had best fittted

the amount of chicks that complimented this shirt on me is why i bought 3 and want more

Beautiful but pretty hot

So I had my doctor ask me why I was sweating and it was because of my sweat shirt. It will be good for cooler weather.

Great necklace!

Stylish look and comfort

These pants fit so good and show off my hard work at the gym. I can't wait to wear them out!

Cropped ankle length dress pants.

How do I say it? Oh yeah. Perfect. Again. Every time I wear something from the collection, the compliments just flow!

Amazing Quality! Favorite shirt in my closet 🔥

Love this shirt and the quality is great. Definitely wanted to add this to my wardrobe and rocking it as much as I can.
5 Stars ⭐️

Royal Dress Shirt
Jobani Rosano
Great shirts fits good

Makes me looks rich wearing this shirt haha


Literally the perfect shirt. It's extremely high end & feels like a 200+ dollar shirt. They made this spot on!

Love it


Very nice

Great for working out but you can wear it out before hitting the gym. I wore it today but threw on one my button up shirts I bought on this site to enhance the over all look and boy did rock it today. Once again Double G doesn't disappoint.

Perfect Fit!

As expected, this tracksuit fits me perfectly. Top quality!

The King Ring
Donovan Lowe
Needs More Sizes

I like the ring. It only fits on my pinky though lol ...hopefully different sizes will be introduced.

Great Fit & Comfortable

Both the hoodie and the shorts feel real comfortable and fit great. The quality is always on point with GC!

Always súper

Love it


great material

so after the long wait. I love the material. I honestly would have to say the shirt runs a little loose even in a small definitely designed for the gym body type or a guy who's built and wears small. but definitely a nice shirt love the material.

Awesome cool pants

Really cool pants

The fit is great and the fabric lightweight

Definitely will buy more

Perfect shirt

These tee shirts fit perfect, soft, stretchy- ultra comfortable, stylish. Hold up well in the gym and look fresh on the street. I love this whole collection. Get you some. Excellent customer service too

Soft, durable, comfortable, sexy

Does what it’s supposed to do, which is show off your chest and shoulders to all the himbros cuz girls dont care. Yo tiddys will pop out when you lie down on the bench. Its a perfect gym shirt

Urban Distressed Signature Tracksuit - Heather Grey

Very comfortable and stylish!


Im this is my first pair of the Gerardo collection. Hands down the most comfortable pair of slacks I own. And the quality of the material is insane, in my persona better than brands in the store.

Thank you Anthony for the review!

Smooth like buttah

Sleek, extremely comfortable, well fitted, warm on cold mornings, looks and feels like really expensive fitness gear. Also why does everything from this collection smell so fresh out of the package. So luxurious to put on the first time. Nice touch. Men need luxury too- pockets are discreet and smart.