French Collar Muscle Fit Dress Shirt - White


French Collar Muscle Fit Dress Shirt - White

The French Collar is our traditional mens dress shirt. As men we have business to handle. When taking care of business - you want to make a great first impression, but more importantly you want to feel good. Remember when you feel good - you perform good. To ensure you feel beyond good we designed our dress shirt with a true tailored physique enhancing fit & used our best expanding spandex fibers for a free motion experience. This isn't just another dress shirt. This is Gerardo Collection Business Line. Unique & Unmatched.

  • French Collar / Traditional Collar Design.
  • Luxury Cotton & Elastane Fibers.
  • Flexible Fit & Physique Enhancing.
  • Box Pleat On Back.
  • Round Bottom.
  • Right Angle One Button Sleeves.
  • Tapered & Cuffed Sleeves.
  • Super Soft & Lightweight.
  • Unmatched Quality.